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Easy Equipment Financing Options

We have partnered with Crest Capital and PayPal Credit to help make your equipment purchasing process easy and affordable.
For equipment purchases $10,000 and above, Crest Capital offers competitive rates and flexible loan programs with an easy, fast, no hassle application process.
For short term funding for up to six months with no interest on smaller equipment and kit purchases, we recommend PayPal Credit.
You may also use your credit card to pay for your equipment via online invoice, or receive a discount when you pay by check.

Crest Capital

 Flexible Programs
Our integrated approach results in financing options tailored to suit unique business needs and limited budgets.
 Fast Decisions
Fast and convenient financing — get a quick credit decision and access to same-day funding with one quick application.
 Competitive Rates
Our rates are structured specifically to be a better value for our customers so your dollar works harder and goes farther.
 No Hidden Costs
With our no surprises guarantee, there are never any hidden charges or extra expenses.
 Personalized Services
An experienced professional personally manages your account, no call center nightmares.
 Security and Confidentiality
Your data is kept secure and confidential through use of strong encryption and comprehensive access controls, and we never share your information.

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PayPal Credit Message

PayPal Credit

For equipment purchases from $99 to $10,000, PayPal Credit is a good option for farm equipment financing. Make your purchase now, with NO INTEREST or FEES if you pay off the entire balance within 6 months.
This works well for smaller equipment purchases like our Flame Weeding Kits for Row Crop Flamers, (low bush) Wild  Blueberry Flamers, Vineyard and Orchard Flamers and Vegetable Bed Flamers, and Vegetable Bed Shapers. PayPal Credit makes it easy to purchase small scale market farming equipment and pay once your farm is making money during the growing season and/or when your grant money becomes available.

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